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I'm White! :D

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I'm White! :D Empty I'm White! :D

Post by White the Riolu Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:29 am

Call me Nettleflight ;D

Name: Nettleflight
Age: 15 moons
Clan: ThunderClan
Personality: Nettleflight can be a bit irresponsible and at a loss for words. He enjoys supporting sticks between trees and putting leaves on top to make a personal den, but he does this when he's out and about and not on an important patrol. He's confident and sometimes rashly takes the lead. Once his mind is set, he doesn't change it, but shows respect and care towards other cats. If he had an apprentice, he would be a kind and patient mentor.
Appearance: Nettleflight's fur is a grayish-brown with a lighter brown on the tips. He has dark brown stripes and a white muzzle, along with a white "sock" on his front-right paw. His fur is rather long, and his eyes are a fiery green-yellow like those of a dire wolf. His pelt is straight and gets dirty easily, but he grooms it often to prevent that a bit. His body is a bit long for a cat his size, and his ears are tall and pointed.
Bio: When Nettleflight was a kit, his fur was short, but about the same color it is now. He had a few friends and liked to play with them, also grooming his own fur when it was dirty and he had nothing else to do. Just before he became an apprentice, his fur started to grow longer, and when he was six and a half moons old he had a long, silky coat. He became a slightly responsible warrior and serves the clan to this day.
Mother's Name: Owlberry (deceased)
Father's Name: Berrywing (deceased)

Here's his picture.

White the Riolu

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I'm White! :D Empty Re: I'm White! :D

Post by Starrunner Sat Jan 10, 2009 4:47 pm

Welcome to ThunderClan! I'm:

Starrunner of LionClan (Mate is Nightpool) She - Cat. Warrior.
Wolfmuzzle of SkyClan. (No mate.) Tom. Warrior.


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I'm White! :D Empty Re: I'm White! :D

Post by Nightpool Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:41 am

Yeah yeah, what that thing up there said *bumps Dew* just kidding.

I'm Nightpool of Lionclan *bows* and Treeheart of Skyclan *curtsy* I'm a mod so feel free to pm me with questions. Welcome to TC!


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I'm White! :D Empty Re: I'm White! :D

Post by Ivythorn Sun Jan 11, 2009 2:24 am

WElcome white! I'm Ivy from SkyClan!


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I'm White! :D Empty Re: I'm White! :D

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